Key defensive tactical principles

Every strategy, game plan or tactical approach ought to have a clear vision about the key principles it was built upon, and its weaknesses and strengths. The team must know how they want to attack and defend. These principles and guidelines help the players to orientate themselves in time and space across the pitch. Now... Continue Reading →


What have we forgotten? – a small story

My friend's team participated in a sunday youth tournament, he is their coach, friend and sometimes thier father. 90% of the squad is from minority, sometimes they can't go to training, because of the weather, they haven't got enough warm clothes to use it for training. If they play a match the families come to cheer them. They have some really talented lad who could make something out from football.

Tactical skills – the basics

This is the second piece of the series dedicated to acquaint the mental side of the beautiful game. In my previous article we discussed about the main characteristics of football, and we delved into the differences between the closed skills and open skills. Now we are going further to talk about the core principles of game intelligence.

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