We cannot close football in words. – Discussion with Slawek Morawski

I believe there are ideas, concepts that worth sharing. A few month ago I found a facebook page, that was so extraordinary compared to other football analysis sites. Its material is so clever, pure education. Later I decided to make an interview with the author of the page, and this article is the result. I... Continue Reading →


Key defensive tactical principles

Every strategy, game plan or tactical approach ought to have a clear vision about the key principles it was built upon, and its weaknesses and strengths. The team must know how they want to attack and defend. These principles and guidelines help the players to orientate themselves in time and space across the pitch. Now... Continue Reading →

5 things that made 2016 the most memorable year in football history

There were some high-flying events of the previous year. We had ups and downs, great achievements, and big failures. Leicester city demonstrated that we should dream and if we fight strong enough we can do great things. The Pogba transfer was the first 'social media' driven deal of history. The Portugal national team won the European championship despite they weren't the best but had great luck and Fernando Santos idea. Johan Cruyff died and we lost one of the greatest thinker and innovator of football. Chile won the Copa America centenario the oldest international tournament.

Sources to learn football

I would like to share some websites, blogs, twitter accounts and useful sources to get knowledge about football. There are some favourites, I highly recommend to dive into these great materials.

Ars poetica and my football philosophy 

Firstly, my name is David, and I'm dealing with football for 10 years now. I've never was the most skillful player in the team, but I had vision and intelligence to read the flow of the game. And this was my only chance to get place in the starting eleven, so I had to be prepared for that moment when I possessed the ball.

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