Full-time: Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea

So after three months and 13 games, The Blues’s very impressive run of straight league wins comes to an end. A double lifts Spurs to 3rd place and declined Chelsea a record-breaking 14th consecutive victory. Great performance by  Alli, he was fantastic, but the work of Victor Wanyama and Mousa Dembele in midfield needs acknowledging. The players gave an outstanding gift to their manager, as this was Pochettino 150th match in Premier League.

Conte’s squad performed one of the most memorable performances over the last three months. After the loss against Arsenal in September they scored 32 goals and conceded only 4. They came to the White Hart Lane to grab their 14th win to break the previous record. Delle Alli scored twice and both came from Eriksen’s assist.stats

Tottenham was better, more motivated and they gained more from their fewer chances. Despite Chelsea’s slight statistical superiority, their conversion rate was the deciding factor. passmapche

The Blues’ starting eleven was nearly the same as before, and they had the right to expect similar successes. A minor surprise was, that the main actor of their previous win, Willian wasn’t named to the starting eleven. Nemanja Matic and N’Golo Kanté started in the heart of the midfield, expected to play a simple passing game, to prevent the high pressing philosophy of their opponent. Major partnerships developed between Luiz and Azpilicueta, Matic and Hazard. The two wide midfielders provided width to support the attacking transition phase. Victor Moses was a bit isolated, he attempted the fewest passes to his team mates. However Alonso on the other side of the pitch was much more involved in the team play, and got a bit further forward to support and cover the given creative freedom of Eden Hazard.

passmapspursThe home team won four in a row before they hosted their rivals, and the last two was equally confident against Watford and Southampton. The later hero Delle Alli scored five in these matches, becoming the pulling power of his team. Kyle Walker and Christian Eriksen were the two main potency in the left-wing, their partnership and playmaking efforts decided the match. At the end of the first half, Christian Eriksen was awarded by a Kyle Walker pass to run onto the  right-wing, crossed to Alli  between Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses to headed the ball home. Alongside them, there was the holeproof midfielder Victor Wanyama, who outshined Kanté, with over 84% pass accuracy and 5 attempted tackle, this was the most in the match. He was the soul and the heart of the last night’s performance, but the brain was Eriksen factually, he designed the attacking plays and the movement of his teammates.

Eriksen conjured again, pretended to cross and obtained space for himself and Alli at the far post as defenders forget where they’re should be. The header was great again.



In terms of xG Spurs achieved a bit higher value from less shots, and had two clear-cut chances that they could turn into goals. The bigger problem is that the goals were nearly identical. Luiz was way off his required position to defend these sort of situations, if he is busy with other tasks Kanté should be there to solve the problem, but he was just shadow of himself we got used to since his days at Leicester. The midfield battle was won by Spurs – Victor Wanyama and Mousa Dembele were too strong for Kante and Matic – and the home side were clearly in advantage.

Illustrations by 11tegen11, statszone.


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