Sources to learn football

I would like to share some websites, blogs, twitter accounts and useful sources to get knowledge about football. There are some favourites, I highly recommend to dive into these great materials.

This is a German based site, but unfortunately I can’t speak German. The original website has got more articles, but the English one is upcoming in content. You should follow them, because of the high quality of their analyses, and they can give you a different view and different approach to study football . They followed the last European Championships and wrote plenty of detailed and quality content.

Same as they are highly recommended. They had some good series about previewing the premier league teams for the upcoming season.  I can recommend the owner’s twitter account @mixedknuts to follow. Great stuff every day and great ideas over there.  Ted Knutson makes detailed radars to get inspiration and some insight about players.

Detailed Tactical Analysis on the biggest, and most important games throughout the season and Scout Reports on the best emerging talents of World football with regular content of these youngsters. Interviews with well known experts to provide quality articles about the work behind the scenes. Outside of the boot started on August 15th 2012 and grown into one of the largest analitical community.

They are not an analytical approached source, but more like practical and tactical. They are an online football coaching resource site. The site contains videos about drills on the pitch, session plans to train efficiently your team and achieve great results throughout the season. I follow them because they share good library of drills to help coaches build good sessions through the season and develop successful players. Quite easy to keep yourself updated because they share almost everything on their Facebook page.

If you want to be updated with the newest and most important trends you have to sign up for twitter. I think the best way to get up to date knowledge is to communicate with similar people, you can share your thoughts and ideas, and you can also get inspiration from these smart men.

They had similar journey as me, but they are more experienced now. Some of them are working as a coach or tactical analyst. My aim is to achieve something similar or more.

I recommend you to follow @szteveo one of the best upcoming analyst in his niche, has got great knowledge and very entertaining point of view. He has got a blog, I can recommend it also. I have similar opinion about another great analyst @faja274 and his blog. He deserves some attention because he makes good stuff. Unfortunately his blog is multilingual but I’m sure he will translate everything. There are some great influencers like @registability @raymondverheije and @MC_of_A. They are pure professionals so you can get the real world of football from them.

That is for now, I am checking these great sources daily to learn and get new ideas and motivation for my path.

I will keep this post updated so if you have some great source I left out please let me know and I will attach it into.


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